Saturday, April 16, 2011

Updated Rules

Don't get scared but we will be delving into the updated rules for our next session.  There are some very minor changes that make this "primeless" version even easier to play.

The new character sheet can be found under Useful Files & PDFS in the sidebar (over there ---->) so if you want to print it out and get a head start on it you can.  I'm talkin' to you Dan. Norb, your characters are here so I'll probably copy them to the new sheets myself just to save time (your character sheets right now look like someone let their retarded cousin play). Lisha will copy hers tonight.

The full rules can be downloaded at Chris Perkins AD&D3 site.  This is the revised primeless version making the game a little less like Castles & Crusades. He has done some amazing work putting this together.

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