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Knightly Orders

Knightly Orders of Malavon & Elnarra

Please note that this list is not yet complete.
The Order of the White Leopard - The Knights of Hadramoor
They are the protectors of the land of Elnarra and the port city of Hadramoor. It is partly due to their vigilance that Elnarra has known peace for many years. One hundred years ago they rode to the defense of Malavon against the Shadow Dragon. They came north up the road through Besia, Pyra, and Senion to the desperate battle on the fields of Miragar. The people of Malavon have always contended that the onslaught of Zorvoath and his minions would never have been halted without their help. Some of these stalwart cavaliers still travel to Malavon to help those in need and they bring with them the dream of peace and hope that Elnarra has enjoyed for so long.
Heraldry: An argent crowned leopard (passant) on a azure field above an argent fess. Below the fess is Varcan’s Cross in or. In other words, a white crowned leopard (on all fours with one front paw up) on a blue background with a horizontal white stripe with Varcan’s Cross in gold beneath it.

The Order of the Sword - The Exiled Knights of Malavon
The heart of this knightly order was once located in the city of Malavon but now it resides in the recently constructed Valord Castle. They have been trying to liberate their kingdom from the clutches of the Shadow Dragon Zorvoath for 100 years now. Their numbers have been greatly depleted and they are have been in a stalemate with their foes for some time now. They draw many half-elves to their order owing to the fact that they hold allegiance to the half-elven princess Morelana the last surviving member of the royal house of Malavon. Morelana is a knight herself and leader of their order. She has vowed never to take the throne until her kingdom has been liberated.
Heraldry: An or chevron on a vert field with an argent upright sword beneath it. In other words, a gold chevron on a green field with a silver sword beneath it.

The Order of the Peryton - The Knights of Moondown
These knights are greatly feared throughout Malavon as they are believed to serve the evil Count Aleron lord of Moondown Keep. Count Aleron was once a member of the royal house of Senion but his thirst for power caused him to secretly assassinate his rivals. When he was discovered he escaped and fled and all thought he had left Malavon for good. Some 15 years ago however, a small army of black-armored human soldiers appeared from the East. They stormed the mining town of Worwyvern and brought it under their rule and began using their captives to build a keep east of the town. Refugees from Worwyvern say that the dark soldiers were under command of a man calling himself Aleron. Soon after the building of the keep mounted knights in black armor with strange shields were seen traveling the lands of Malavon. These knights are formidable and expect deference from all they meet. They usually challenge knights of other orders that are unfortunate enough to cross their path.
Heraldry: A gules peryton on a sable field. In other words, a red peryton on a black field.

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