Sunday, December 20, 2009

Experience! (how to get it)

In addition to gaining general party experience points for your characters by defeating monsters, completing quests and finding treasure. Here are some guidelines on how I award experience (x.p. from here forward) on a more individual basis. These are added pretty much per session, not at the end of an adventure, so you see how the rewards can really stack up.

  • Player has a clever idea• 10-100 x.p.
  • Player has an idea that saves the party• 100-500 x.p.
  • Player role-plays his character well*• 100-200 x.p.
  • Player encourages others to participate•100-200 x.p.
•Awarded per idea or incident.
*This reward can be greater if the player sacrifices some game advantage to role-play his or her character. A noble cavalier who refuses a substantial reward because it would not be in character qualifies.

Keep in mind I also award bonus x.p. for players using their class and racial abilities effectively. This usually ranges from 1 - 200 x.p. per incident.

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