Friday, July 23, 2010

The Story So Far... The Curthor Crypt

Goldengrass the 23rd to the 25th, 1845

Having battled their way through the ruins of Riveon the party found the cemetery and the crypt of the Curthors - the last ruling family of the once grand citadel.  Somewhere within the crypt is a secret passage that leads to the chapel inside the castle stronghold of the city.

Inside the crypt, the adventurers faced and defeated a host of undead horrors.  Zombies and skeletons dressed in the rotted finery of noblemen and women, others armed as warriors and knights.  They also met and destroyed a twisted wight-like horror that was filled with a necrotic energy that it used as a weapon sending forth terrible bolts of the foul stuff which paralyzed those that it struck.  This fiend was also the source of the sinister music that sounded throughout the dark chambers of the crypt as the monster played an ancient organ in the underground temple which was its lair.

After the conflict with the creatures of undeath the party found refuge in a secret chamber that contained a glowing magical pool. This pool turned out to be a great boon to the party as it proved to be a blessed pool dedicated to the Immortal known as Numora -The Whisperer of Secrets (see the Immortals of Eleth from the old 2009 post). It not only healed and revived all who drank from it but it gave them strange unreachable experiences that entered the hidden recesses of their minds and strengthened them physically as well. (The party gained x.p. and 2 permanent h.p. to boot! Including Jarvis!)

The heroes also encountered the spirit of a boy who's appearance matched the eerie statue of Prince Garin Curthor in the main hallway of the crypt. The ever faithful Fionnula attempted to tell the spirit to pass on into the afterlife but the ghost was wholly evil and malicious and had to be destroyed.

A great amount of treasure was found in the south wing of the crypt after a battle with armored skeletons that burst forth from their ancient sarcophagi where a magic lance was found that had the ability to shrink down to a miniature replica so it could easily be carried.

More treasure was found in a flooded treasure room.  The adventurers were able to avoid fighting the rooms inhabitant - a grayish ooze that lurked in the fetid water.  They accomplished this with the use of Svarnos' magic wand of levitation with Gjord being the one to be levitated above the water.

In the North wing of the crypt the party was attacked as they inspected the sarcophagus of Lady Minress Curthor.  It was as if a shadowy mass of crawling rats were gnawing at their feet. These things could not be clearly seen in the dim light of their lantern.  When bit by these unseen vermin the heroes could feel their strength drawn from them.  Fighting back against the them was difficult as the creatures were essentially invisible.  The party fled the room and slammed the marble doors to the chamber behind them.

So, this is where we left our intrepid heroes still deep in the haunted depths of the Curthor Crypt.

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