Sunday, December 20, 2009

Epic Adventure Awaits ...

Malavon. Throughout the lands of Eleth its name is spoken with sorrow for it is a sundered land. Malavon was once a great united kingdom of great majesty and power, a sparkling gem in the North of Eleth. Its rulers were benevolent and fair and its people thrived under their vigilance.

Then, one hundred years ago, a darkness came to Malavon. From the unknown lands beyond the Gorakar Mountains came the Shadow Dragon Zorvoath. An ancient wyrm that had heard with jealous ears of the glory of Malavon. The dragon came to usurp their glory and spread his shadow across the land. He came on a moonless night with a horde of black orcs and goblins that worship him as an earth-bound god. A dragon that was unlike any of its evil kin, a dragon that breathes weakness, darkness, and despair. Malavon was broken, many of its great cities destroyed and its capital taken.

The war lasted for five terrible years. The onslaught was finally halted before all was lost by the combined efforts of the armies of Malavon, the knights of Elnarra, the elves of Avaneth, and the dwarves of Garek-Moreth. They held off Zorvoath and his minions at Miragar until an unexpected ally rode up from the southlands, the Knights of the Order of the White Leopard. Together they drove the darkness back. The dragon was thwarted but not slain. His forces retreated to Malavon’s capital and there they could not be assailed.

Weakened by war as they were the peoples of Malavon could not hope to rid their land of this evil. They fortified what strongholds they still held and rebuilt as much as they could. The elves suffered heavy losses so they retreated into their forest realm and now they are seldom seen. The homecoming of the dwarves to Garek-Moreth was bitter. In their fervor to aid their friends they left their fortess under protected. They returned to find their folk slain and enslaved by their ancient enemies the Fire Giants, their own kingdom now held against them. Now the dwarves slowly try to rebuild their strength in their new home in the mines of Khulzad in the hope that one day they may walk the halls of Garek-Moreth again.

For now, over a hundred years later, the forces of the Sundered Land sit like pawns on a chessboard. All of them biding their time and looking for a weak point in their enemies armor to begin war anew. The land has become a grim place where evil creatures stalk the land and the survivors struggle to rebuild their shattered realm. Ruins dot the landscape, teeming with the minions of darkness, but they are also filled with forgotten treasures and strange magic.

Malavon needs its heroes. It needs you!

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