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The Immortals

In case you want to play a cleric, druid or paladin I made up some deities that they could worship. This list is not yet complete as I've just started. I'll have images of their symbols added sometime soon (I'm only one man).For now.....bow down and worship!!!

The Immortals of Eleth

This is a listing of the deities of the world of Eleth (the elvish name for the world). These Immortals are primarily worshipped in Malavon and the realm of Elnarra.

Varcan - The Messenger
Alignment: Lawful good
Worshippers Alignment: LG,NG,LN
Symbol: Varcan’s Cross (representing the unity and balance between the spirit world and Eleth)
Favored Weapon: Mace (Message-bringer)
Appearance: Varcan is depicted as a tall androgynous human with silver skin and dark violet eyes. Great wings with silver feathers adorn his back. He wears robes of midnight blue and his head is adorned with a radiant nimbus of holy power and wisdom.

Description: Varcan is worshipped by many clerics, paladins, and common folk. He is admired for his unswerving devotion to the welfare of the people of Eleth. Varcan brought the holy word and the knowledge of Celestia (the planes where many lawful good deities reside) to Eleth. His clerics and paladins are devoted to fighting evil and exemplify aspects of virtue, morality and good. His temples are grand structures found in most cities and towns and his followers are usually well received wherever they go. Clerics of Varcan turn or destroy the undead and they will not use spells to summon them nor will they pray for “reversed” healing spells.

Mortarg - The Lord of Doom
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Worshippers Alignment: All Chaotics
Symbol: The Chaos Wheel (a wheel with eight spokes representing the nine alignments with neutrality at its center)
Favored Weapon: Warhammer (Doom-hammer)
Appearance: Mortarg is pictured as a tall powerfully built human with dark gray skin and glowing orange unblinking eyes. He wears a voluminous cloak and a ram horned great helm that keeps his face in shadow.

Description: Mortarg is a dark deity whose origins are lost in the forming of the world. His followers believe that Mortarg has foreknowledge of the end of the multi-verse therefore he knows that all in the end is futile. One needs only live for the day and take from life what they can because the hand of doom may fall on them at any moment. Nothing stands forever, change is inevitable, and the Chaos is all that is left in the end. Mortarg places great worth in individual freedom and he admires people that continue to live, strive, and struggle even though in the end it all comes to nothing. His temples are located in various locations but are usually dimly lit places shrouded in the smoke of incense. Clerics of Mortarg are a strange sort as they are champions of freedom and yet they are as fatalistic and gloomy as their deity.

Duvarion - The Gray Unicorn
Alignment: Neutral good
Worshippers Alignment: N, NG, CG, CN
Symbol: A Unicorn (a symbol of the perfection of nature)
Favored Weapon: Scimitar (Horn of Duvarion)
Appearance: Duvarion appears as a unicorn stallion with a silver gray coat that shimmers with unearthly light.

Description: Unicorns are said to be a living embodiment of the perfection of nature and Duvarion is their lord. His coat is gray to represent the balance of the natural world. Legends about Duvarion tell how he walked the primeval forests of the world before time began. In that silence he gained a profound wisdom from observing the harmony of nature that he tries to impart to his followers. Duvarion teaches the protection of woodlands and proper respect for the creatures that dwell within them. He watches over all who live in the forest, love the woodlands, or make their livelihood there. His shrines are located in natural groves and are usually open to the elements in the center of a group of standing stones. Some of his shrines are very ancient and are in actuality “magical crossroads” for fey creatures. Many rangers and druids of every race follow Duvarion. There are no clerics of Duvarion, only druids.

Mahal - Father of the Dwarves
Alignment: Lawful Good
Worshippers Alignment: LG, NG, CG
Symbol: A Hammer and Anvil inside a Mountain (representing the secret forge under the mountains)
Favored Weapon: Warhammer (Forgehammer)
Appearance: Mahal is depicted as a stern-looking dwarf warrior with a flowing white beard. He wears armor of mithral and holds a mighty mithral warhammer .

Description: Dwarves believe that Mahal was born from the living rock of Ereth in a vast underground cavern at the center of the world. Upon awakening he explored the world under the earth, built the first forge, and began to craft the first fathers and mothers of the dwarven race out of mithral. He gave his creations life by placing a magical stone called a “heartstone” in every dwarf. He taught them the ways of the underground world and the art of forging before he left them to forge out their own lives upon Ereth. Mahal teaches dwarves to walk the deeps of Ereth and seek out its hidden gifts. In doing so they are taught to work with the natural beauty of caverns and to work with, not against, the contours of the deep. They are also taught to keep their strongholds well tended and protected from enemies. Temples to Mahal are underground or built into the side of hills or mountains. Dwarven clerics turn or destroy undead and will not use spells to summon them. They do not pray for “reversed” healing spells.

Fainarel - The Queen of the Elves
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Worshippers Alignment: CG, NG, N, CN
Symbol: A white flower (Fainbereth)
Favored Weapon: Longsword (Fainarel’s Thorn)
Appearance: Fainarel appears as a lovely elven maiden with bright green eyes and hair that shifts with the colors of autumn. She wears a gossamer gown that looks as if it was set with miniature stars.

Description: Elves believe that Fainarel was the first elf, born from the petals of a white flower that they now hold sacred known as the Fainbereth. When she awoke she walked singing in her loneliness through the lands of Ereth. Everywhere she went Fainbereth bloomed and the first elves were born of these blossoms. When Fainarel and the first elves discovered each other they were overjoyed and the elves made her their queen. Fainarel teaches all elves to live in harmony with the natural world. She teaches them to defend their forest homes and to bring forth and revere the beauty in all things. She tells them to let their spirits be unfettered to create, love, and experience the world. Shrines to Fainarel are in all places where elves dwell. They are usually well tended gardens surrounded by evergreen trees. Some druids worship her as she is closely linked with Duvarion. Elven clerics turn or destroy undead and will not use spells to summon them. They do not pray for “reversed” healing spells.

Peredin - The Lucky Fellow
Alignment: Neutral Good
Worshippers Alignment: LG, NG, CG
Symbol: A Luckstone ( a stone that has a hole in it from wearing away in a riverbed)
Favored Weapon: Shortsword (Luckblade)
Appearance: Peredin is depicted as a stout halfling with bright eyes and a mischievous grin. He is usually shown playfully tossing a luckstone into the air.

Description: Halflings have hundreds of legends about the escapades of their hero Peredin. In these legends he always prevails by his wits, courage, or sometimes by his uncanny luck. He is always a bit of a scamp or rascal in these stories and they are usually quite humorous, although in the end they also teach an important lesson. Many halflings that go on adventures (a rare breed) feel their hearts moved by these stories. Although, most Halflings would prefer to tell these tales around a dinner table rather than live through them. There are no formal temples to Peredin, instead his clerics gather at each others homes for communal worship where they sing songs, eat, drink and have a party. For the most important lesson that Peredin teaches is to enjoy the comforts of home, hearth, and the fellowship of good friends. Clerics of Peredin turn or destroy the undead and they will not use spells to summon them nor will they pray for “reversed” healing spells.

Keliem - The Wanderer
Alignment: Neutral
Worshippers Alignment: All Neutrals
Symbol: The Convergence (An image of a sun and moon joined)
Favored Weapon: Staff (Walking-staff)
Appearance: Keliem is usually shown as a bearded middle-aged human wearing a gray traveling cloak and bearing a gnarled oak staff. He demeanor is cunning and he looks much traveled and wise. He also is depicted as a raven with a white breast and sometimes as a gray fox.

Description: Followers of Keliem say that this immortal has no beginning and no end but that he has always walked the strange pathways of the multi-verse. Keliem is a deity of travelers and adventurers. He is always open to new possibilities and experiences and he creates opportunities when they do not occur themselves. Legends of Keliem speak of him as a wily traveler that can change his skin to fool his enemies. He teaches that the greatest advantage that one can have in life is to keep an open mind and to be imaginative.

Thorar - The Furor
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Worshippers Alignment: CE, CN
Symbol: The Thunderaxe (An axe crossed with a lightening bolt)
Favored Weapon: Battle axe (Thunderaxe)
Appearance: Thorar appears as a powerfully built human warrior with a red-blonde beard and hair. His eyes are a glacial blue and he wears the skin of a great dire wolf. In his hands he holds a great battle axe from which bolts of lightning spring forth.

Description: Born from the tempest of a thunderstorm the Furor came to Eleth to do battle. Thorar is the patron deity of the Korthian barbarians. Thorar is a brutal unforgiving deity of battle and violent storms that has no pity for the weak and only admiration for the strong. He commands his followers to take what they will from the weak and to show no mercy to their enemies. Make all fear you for that is the true path to power and glory. Temples to Thorar are great wooden halls where duels, feats of strength, and declarations of ones prowess in battle are made. Korthians believe that their slain warriors souls are taken to Thoror’s Hall to await the day that they are called to the final battle upon Eleth at the end of days.

Falthar - The Lion
Alignment: Lawful Good
Worshippers Alignment: LG, NG, CG
Symbol: Sigil of the Valiant(A rampant golden lion)
Favored Weapon: Bastard sword (Slayer)
Appearance: Falthar appears as a youthful human warrior in golden armor with an enchanted sword. He has a stern countenance and a mane of flowing blonde hair.

Description: It is said that Falthar was once a human warrior who wandered Eleth in the deeps of time. He fought all evil beings and creatures who would harm or enslave those that could not defend themselves and he became a renowned hero. His bravery was so great he even challenged the demon lord Adramelech - Overlord of the Undead. He made a horrific journey to the Abyss to challenge Adramelech in his own realm. He fought the demon in single combat and was on the verge of destroying the foul entity forever when Adramelech summoned his hordes to the attack. Falthar, already weakened by the battle with their master was overwhelmed and slain. But this was not the end of Falthar, for Varcan the Messenger had witnessed it all. For Falthars bravery Varcan beseeched the benevolent powers of Celestia to elevate Falthar’s soul to the status of an Immortal so that he could become their champion. This was granted and he is now known as Falthar the Lion. Falthar’s clerics and paladins are stalwart defenders against evil and his shrines and temples attract many good-aligned warriors and many others. His temples are beautiful structures with arched stained glass windows to let the brightness of the sun in. Clerics of Falthar turn or destroy the undead and they will not use spells to summon them nor will they pray for “reversed” healing spells.

Numora - Whisperer of Secrets
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Worshippers Alignment: NG, CG, N, CN
Symbol: The Lamen (A pentacle)
Favored Weapon: Dagger (Cat’s Claw)
Appearance: Numora is shown as a white skinned black haired woman with green catlike eyes. She dresses in black silk robes and she wears a veil of transparent spider silk. She has great shadowy wings that sprout from her back.

Description: Numora is an enigmatic deity that was formed by the mysterious powers of the multi-verse during the first setting of the sun upon Eleth. Her domain is the supernatural and the occult. Her followers seek to fathom the unknown and unravel the mystical secrets of the multi-verse. On their path to this knowledge Numora advises them to use wisdom and temperance lest they blunder blindly into areas that may be dangerous for mortals to tread. Although she is secretive, Numora is also a benevolent deity who opposes evil ways and seeks to counter it when she can. Many arcane spellcasters and some rogues pay homage to Numora as they see themselves as seekers of hidden knowledge. Her clerics delve into occult realms to uncover secrets for the benefit of all. Her shrines are hidden structures in remote places.

Adramelech - Overlord of the Undead
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Worshippers Alignment: CE,NE
Symbol: The Face of Adramelech (A demons skull surrounded by flames)
Favored Weapon: Flail (Corruptor)
Appearance: Adramelech is depicted as a horned demon with black scaled decomposing skin and skeletal bat like wings rising from his back. His eyes are red smoldering pits and he is wreathed in unholy dark flames. He is shown more often than not devouring the souls of the damned in the Abyss.

Description: Adramelech seeks to destroy all life on Eleth. He envisions a world of undead monsters all under his total control. He believes that when this is accomplished, and he has devoured enough souls, he will be able to break through the cosmic barriers forged by the mysterious powers of the multi-verse and make war upon the other outer planes. He is the sworn enemy of Varcan and Falthar and seeks to corrupt or destroy their followers whenever he can. His twisted followers seek power and immortality through necromancy. They wish to become vampires and liches or other powerful undead servants of Adramelech. They believe that they will be rewarded for their devotion and command his legions when they march upon Celestia.

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