Monday, June 4, 2012

Bounded Accuracy & Coup de Grace

This is one of the design features for 5th Edition that I'm most interested in.  I think if the designers can pull this off it will make for a more fun gaming experience.  I like the idea that even at higher levels each roll that players make won't be like having to do a math equation and the characters abilities won't be just a string of bloated modifiers.  As one of the designers said, "I don't want the character sheet to look like a tax form."
Bounded Accuracy

It's Lono's favorite thing to do and we've been saying it wrong all this time!

Coup de Grace is the subject of many arguments. People will often gleefully tell you it's pronounced "coo de grah" because of the way "gras" is pronounced in "Mardi Gras". They're wrong. "Grace" and "Gras" (which means "fat") are entirely different words. "Grace" has a strong "ss" sound at the end of it, and the phrase is pronounced "coo de grass".

Taken from the D&D Ultimate Pronunciation Guide

Don't get me started on Gel-a-TAE-nEus Cube, NEE-crow-mancer, and Puh-LA-din.

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